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My wife and I worked with Marcie three times in previous years, first buying a house and shortly thereafter selling my previous house and then the house my wife co-owned with her ex-husband. Marcie was a pleasure to work with and i always felt she was looking out for the best interests of us.

My wife and I quickly fell in love with one of the first houses Marcie showed us. Marcie insisted that we look at some of the other houses before we made up our minds, so we did. Afterwards, we were grateful we'd comparison shopped because it only made us more certain about the house we originally wanted. It was listed for $1.148 Million. I told Marcie to make an offer at $1.40. I was a little nervous about going lower than list because the house and the lot were so big and so beautiful that i thought it might get yanked out from under us. But Marcie said she was going to go in lower. I don't recall the exact way the negotiations went, but we ended up getting it for $1.100 Million, $40kless than I originally told Marcie i was willing to spend.

6 months or so later we had to sell my house, and asking Marcie to handle it was a no brainer. She knew exactly how to fix it up and stage it and we ended up selling it for something like $30k over the asking price, even in a pretty bad market (-May 2007). I was really impressed with that one.

My wife was more challenging. It wasn't great neighborhood, the housing market was even worse(-August 2007), and she had the neighbor from hell (junk cars out front, unkempt house and yard, half a dozen yappy dogs, a semi abandoned RV on the street with a skeleton in the front seat facing my wife's house, etc.). Marcie did everything she could to present it as well as possible, but we had to let that one go for a bit less than the asking price. But after seeing everything Marcie was doing to get the sale, and how she negotiated the offer we finally accepted, we still feel like we got a lot more of it than we would have with your agent. Marcie worked that sale hard.

We don't expect to be moving again for a long, long time, but if/when we do, we're calling Marcie first.

Jon & Teresa

My husband Jon and I have been dreaming about owning a home for years. For many of those years, it was just a pipe dream. But not until recently did we realize that, with the help from many people, our dream could become a reality. When looking for a home in Santa Clara County, we were referred to Marcie Soderquist, and without hesitation we were on board. Jon and I have been working with Marcie for about five months and it has been a great experience. We knew Marcie was in for a challenge when we told her our price range and my very demanding expectations, but she never flinched.

Everyday she was accessible, friendly, and always in good spirits. She took us on endless trips to view homes, after hours, on weekends, and mostly during her free time. Many times I called her discouraged, saying that we would never find our dream home, but she was always encouraging, telling us that the perfect home would come along, and it did. Well, just a few weeks ago we found our dream home. It was in our price range, in the neighborhood we wanted, and had all the charm and met all the expectations I had demanded.

Every step of the way Marcie was clued in, handled all the details and made all the phone calls I asked of her. More importantly than Marcie's adorable nature and helpfulness was her honesty. My husband and I were aware of the slump in the housing market, and were looking to take advantage of that as first time home buyers. Marcie was aware of that too. Many realtors that we encountered said the worst was over and that prices were rising so we needed to act quickly, but Marcie knew better. She encouraged us to be patient and was aware of the depth of the housing downturn. She never rushed us to make a decision or forced us into buying a house out of fear of rising prices. She was aware of the economic situation and encourages us to wait until we found what was just right for us. And we did!

We would like to thank Marcie for all of her hard work and persistence in finding us the home dour dreams. Jon and I could not be happier with the home that we have chosen or with the work Marcie has done for us.

Buyer & Seller

Marcie has been our agent, both buying and selling homes.

She is the consummate professional. We've engaged Marcie for three transactions, and she has handled all three with the skill and professionalism that are the hallmarks of a true professional. She's responsive, attentive to process detail, knows the market, and knows how to move the negotiation along very effectively.

As our purchasing agent, she listened to what we wanted, and worked hard to identify properties that met as many of our criteria as possible. She then engaged the sellers and moved the process from offer/counter-offer to closing along very expeditiously, ultimately winning the property for us, at a price we felt was justified.

As our listing agent, she set honest expectations, priced and marketed the property exceptionally well, driving multiple offers in a soft market. She managed the incoming offers flawlessly, and negotiated a final offer that we were very comfortable accepting.

We recommend Marcie very highly!

Justin & Jill

Trust me we are very happy we met you. We had a very hard time with finding someone to help us find a place. It just seemed that all the agents were just not into it. They would point us to a web site and tell us to let them know when we found something and we could go look. It was not a very good experience and i would imagine they are not top agents.

Go figure! But when we went into that place in Los Gatos you were different. First of all you talked to us and asked what we were looking for. That was huge. We have noticed that when most agents show a house, they sit at the table on their computer and just ask you if you have any questions. What a way to sell! We knew you were different.

So I think that it all worked out. I am just amazed at how fast it went. In a period of less than two months we found a house and sold ours. I do not think we were expecting that. Also I think if we had any other agent I would have had a melt down by now. You kept us on track and calm during the process. I know why you were top in the valley!

Penny & Karl

We worked with Marcie on buying a rental property. We were very picky and had quite a few constraints. Marcie worked diligently to do a thorough research on the areas we were interested in as well as educating us about the market condition and what to expect. You don't know how crucial it is to work with a good agent until you find one. There is so much to do beyond pushing paperwork and only with a great agent you will get a good price, a solid deal, a worry-free process and zero issues. Marcie was so dedicated to our goal that it felt that she was only working for us! the attention to details and the true care and concern for each and every aspect allowed us to find the sweet spot that we were so hoping for . We highly recommend her!

Dan & Amy

We interviewed many and selected Marcie Soderquist and she was absolutely amazing. She brought in multiple offers only after five days of the house being listed. She exceeded our expectations, paid close attention to every detail. She is exceptionally pleasant and incredibly responsive.


Just wanted to say thanks again for making this process as smooth as possible. If there is any evaluation/feedback for that I could directly send to your manager, I'm happy to do so. You've been incredible. I wish all realtors were as on top of all things and efficient as you! Go Marcie!


You are the best! I hesistate to tell everyone about everything you did because i don't want to expect it from you - way above and beyond what anyone could expect.

Mark McCoy

She will go the extra mile to make sure your property is well represented.



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